5 foods that will put your testosterone in Overdrive!

Testosterone is a fundamental hormone in case you are planning to develop a lot of muscles in shape. Many men experience the detrimental effects of low testosterone levels and high levels of estrogen due to smoking, stress and, above all, less than stellar nutrition.

This is especially true for more experienced men because besides the fact that they have unfortunate tendencies all their life, their age, however, reduces the levels of testosterone in their body.

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The subsequent effect of a reduction in testosterone is not limited to mass loss; It incorporates loss of muscle quality, erosion, erosion, charisma, pain and weight gain. It is absolutely essential to consume nutrients richer in zinc and vitamin B and below, I will show you 5 substrates that will accelerate your testosterone levels to unfathomable levels.


Eggs are high in protein and cholesterol. Today, I know that most of you who examine this trust in cholesterol are a horrible thing. In any case, testosterone is mixed with cholesterol and is therefore fundamental for making abnormal amounts of this muscle building hormone. In the same way, eggs are a rich source of B5 and B6 protein and nutrients. Some people will come out yellow and eat only egg whites; however, it is essential to eat yellow to get the biggest supplements in the egg.

Raw oysters

Clams contain a crazy measure of protein, magnesium, and zinc. They are so loaded with zinc that six solitary mollusks will give you several times the prescribed daily amount. The increase in testosterone not only will help the expansion of muscle quality and the structure of the mass but will also increase the charisma and sperm control.

Red meat

In addition to shellfish, red meat also contains extremely high levels of zinc and protein. However, not only are zinc and protein levels high at the same time, but they reach a much faster structure that is easier for the body to retain. Do not forget that red meat is also rich in immersed fat. So it’s a great idea to eat it twice a week, but you should not eat it every day.

Brazil nut

Brazil nuts are filled with selenium, which has been shown to develop testosterone construction in humans. The good thing about Brazil nuts is that you only have one or two to help your selenium levels and thus increase testosterone levels. In any case, it is also imperative to note that the selenium group present in Brazil nuts is based on the type of soil in which they were grown. If the dirt is rich in selenium, the Brazil nuts will also be rich in traces of ore. For example, walnuts that develop in Manaus – Belem will have, approximately, selenium levels several times higher than those growing in Acre – Rondia.


Garlic contains allicin, an exacerbation that improves testosterone levels. Exploration in support of this hypothesis suggests that garlic stimulates the arrival of luteinizing hormone, which builds the course of testosterone.

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